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BAIRA MVMNT PHLOSPHY is a dance theater technique and container for philosophical inquiry around movement, performance and life practices rooted in Bravery, Awareness and Adaptability. The practice is the culmination of Shaina and Bryan's past 10 years of movement research together. Our technique studies the use of momentum, weight, and successive articulation of the body in relation to the forces and environment around us. Using different functional tools and games, we challenge our neuroplasticity and work to understand our tendencies; refining our ability to choose and becoming more confident in our moving bodies. Our workshops and intensives work with the cycle of connecting, disconnecting, and reconnecting allowing us to move through our dance training and our lives with greater mobility, strength and care.

Shaina and Bryan have taught dance around the world and heavily between Detroit and New York City and are always eager to connect with interested movers, companies and institutions 

Additionally, we lead workshops for strengthening effective collaboration among couples, personal relationships and other non-dance fields such as the corporate workplace.

For booking inquiries email at 

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