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Presented at CPR – Center for Performance Research

as part of the @CPR Performance Series in a shared evening with Beth Graczyk Productions

Choreography and Direction: Shaina and Bryan Baira 

Choreographic Associate: Joey Mattar 

Sound Design: Bryan Baira 

Haptics Design and Installation: Jessica Rajko and Stephan Rajko 

Collaborators / Performers: Coco Alison, Shaina Baira, Bryan Baira, Eric Blovits, Jon Chapdelaine, Justine Lee, Joey Mattar, Steven Orrego Upegui

VR Preshow Installation: Shaina and Bryan Baira with Coco Alison

Stage Manager: John Pierre

Lighting Design: Liz Schweitzer

Photos by Effy Grey | Videography by Theo Cote

This work is made possible by a space grant through Wayne State University’s Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance

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