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  We are Shaina and Bryan Baira - life partners, body-mind healing artists and founders/directors of BAIRA MVMNT PHLOSPHY, a multimedia dance theater company that creates performances, community events and movement training. Shaina completed studies in Religion and Philosophy at the New York All Faiths Seminary International where she was ordained as an Interfaith Minister, and where she began developing MVMNT PHLOSPHY; a synthesis of movement research, spirituality and cognitive inquiry. Bryan is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Sound Designer/Singer-Songwriter with a passion for physicality and kinetic design. We found each other 10 years ago both dancing in NYC and have since developed our own dance-theater pedagogy and training system for movers and dancers of all levels and experience. Additionally, we lead workshops on methods for effective collaboration for couples/personal relationships and other non-dance fields such as the corporate workplace. Central to all projects and training that come out of BAIRA MVMNT PHLOSPHY is the fundamental human necessity to be in relationship with others, as well as the need to continuously nourish our connection to self. We create and share our movement culture, artistry and collaborative methods – rooted in Bravery, Awareness and Adaptability – as our contribution to manifesting a listening world.

Our work exists within and along the continuum of physical theatre/post-modern dance/movement-based research, spiritual investigation, mysticism, ritual practice, philosophical studies and bio humanities. We find continuous intersectionality and draw inspiration from Prem Sadasivananda, Ram Dass, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Yuval Harari, Rudolf Laban and Irmgard Bartinieff, Meisner Acting Method, Advaita Vedanta, Qi Gong and Wing Chun Kung Fu. 

Facilitators of
BAIRA MVMNT PHLOSPHY Pedagogy and Choreographic Method

Eric Blovits is a Detroit/Ann Arbor-based dance artist and educator.  He is passionate about creating and performing physical dance-theater, floorwork, and improvisational practices.  At a young age, he quickly became passionate about performing and found his love for dance through breaking before expanding into other forms and techniques.  He received his BFA in Dance from Wayne State University, where he was able to train under the likes of Meg Paul, Biba Bell, Bryan and Shaina Baira, and Jessica Rajko amongst others, and was able to develop and define his unique and dynamic movement aesthetic.


Joey Mattar is a performing artist based in NYC. Originally from southeast MI, Joey graduated with his B.F.A. in Dance from Wayne State University, where he met Shaina and Bryan Baira. After four years of training with BAIRA MVMNT PHLOSPHY, Joey joined the company as a performing artist and choreographic associate; as well as piloting their BAIRA Fundamentals Teacher Training Program. Joey is a Community Actionist for Gibney Dance, facilitating workshops with young people that use dance to engage in conversations about healthy relationships, boundaries, respect and choice. Through these roles Joey continues to hone an artistic and life practice inspired by bravery, love, vulnerability and a commitment to exploring the unknown.

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