Ritual Garden

A project of transformation & Community

    Located in MidWest Detroit, the project, led by Trishawna Woods & Shaina Baira, will transform the empty lot next to Trishawna's longtime family home into an outdoor performance/community space surrounded by a fruit tree orchard and gardens that support biodiversity and sustainability.  This project takes place on land that has not been cultivated in the past 20+ years now serving as fertile ground and symbolic potential signifying a new hope and excitement that is intensely needed to fortify our community.

    The vision and initiative behind this project comes from Trishawna Woods, collaborator at BAIRA / MVMNT PHLOSPHY.  

Trishawna is a Detroit native who navigates between the worlds of hip hop, contemporary dance-theatre, and club dances. She has competed in, and won, dance battles such as House vs Jit, Dance Extension Get Down, Who Got tha Props, and Underground Hip Hop Dance League as well as performed at historic theaters and venues such as The Judson Church in NYC, Chez Bushwick in Brooklyn, Museum for Contemporary Art Detroit and the Music Hall in Detroit. Whether Performing with BAIRA or Fresh Classics, she stays authentic to herself and her experiences. Continually learning and searching for information, she hopes to uplift and inspire those around her through her dance and passion for community engagement. Trishawna has been working with BAIRA since their arrival in Detroit to create performance events and cultural happenings that bring together diverse networks of people to share and experience. Together they are driven to continue manifesting projects that bring awareness to quality of living, and empower local Detroiters thriving and innovating in their communities.

Many Detroit residents in the area are currently surviving below the poverty line and/or live in food desert; restricting access to healthy and affordable food options. This artistic and biodiverse sanctuary will be open for the community to enjoy the pleasures and health benefits of a beautiful park, fresh oxygen and freshly harvested food. Volunteer opportunities will be open for those looking to experience the feeling of renewal and increased self-esteem that comes along with contributing and caring for a community space. One of the first in this neighborhood, this community orchard and artistic refuge will emphasize the capacity of agriculture as a source of joy, sustainability, and empowerment. Additionally, this space will be utilized by local and visiting artists/performers to create, perform, and share community workshops in the realms of music, dance, spoken word and three dimensional site specific works. While this space welcomes everyone the project does emphasize a priority to the black and brown members of our community and neighborhood.

All fundraising money goes directly toward realizing this vision.
Be apart of the future, support today!!  


At this point all our efforts and all your support is focused on getting our lot cleaned up, garden beds up and running and fruit trees planted! 

If you would like to dedicate a tree in honor or in memory of a person please message us.

If you cannot give at this time but would like to volunteer let us know!!

*This project is under the umbrella of BAIRA and is tax deductible through our fiscal sponsor the Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts. Please let us know if you would like to receive a donation receipt for tax use.