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- You must be wearing a mask to enter.

- Event staff will greet each person as they enter from Madison into the parking lot. Your temperature will be taken. Masks are mandatory and there are 4 disinfectant stations to choose from. Guests will be required to wear their masks until they reach their individual carpet pods. The pods are 6’ x 6’ outdoor carpeting strips that are separated by 6 feet on all sides.  

- For the workshop, you can move your table / chairs off of your carpet pod.

- There will be additional chairs available then are placed in the diagram above.

- The Music Hall has been fogged weekly by ​Enviro-master​ with disinfectant spray.

- Our event staff will be masked and gloved at all times in preparation and during the event.

- The public will be permitted to use the Music Hall lounge restrooms through the front door. The restrooms are equipped with new disinfectants and touch less soap and hand drying dispensers provided by the ​Chemico Company​. Masks are required while inside the building.

- There will be an attendant in the lobby limiting the number of guests allowed in the building to four at a time. Restrooms will be sprayed every 30 minutes between 3:00pm-9:00pm.

- In between stage changes, our stage sanitation crew will use the 45 second kill disinfectant provided by the ​Chemico Company​ on the stage.

Movement Sanctuary lot diagram 2020.jpg
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