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HOTEL JERICHO_newpafge.jpg

APRIL 24 +25 2020

Doors 7pm / Show at 7:30


4841 Cass Ave [3RD Floor]Detroit, MI 48201  

Directed and Choreographed by Shaina and Bryan Baira

Lighting Design Tuce Yasak

Video Editing by Shaina Baira

Sound Design by Bryan Baira

Performance by Bryan Baira, Eric Blovitz,

Corinne Lohner, Shannon White

Photography/Videography by Effy Falck and Brendon Kirouac

This project will be our first evening-length performance as our recently established (2019) Detroit based Dance-Theatre company, BAIRA. This action/drama “docu-fiction-ary” invites viewers along a surrealist’s adventure into contemplations of coexistence. While swaths of millennia present us with an overarching pattern towards a more unified existence, there are problematic human behavioral tendencies that we must grapple with. Hotel Jericho churns through this predicament with fear, humor, pain, joy and a symbolic nonchalance into the deep unknown. The project coalesces studies in biohumanities, the philosophies and ideologies of Ram Dass and the biblical ethos of law and order, offering a Dance-Theatre experience which ignites dialogue on our current state of society and how we each continue onward.

*Ethical Dilemmas of Hotel Jericho is created through partnership with Wayne State University as the Professional Company in Residence at the Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance. Additional support comes from the Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts.    

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