SATURDAYS in Detroit:
October 5 | November 9 | December 7 | January 25 February 22 | March 21 | April 11


TIME: 2-3:30pm
LOCATION: Andy Arts Center - 3000 Fenkell St [enter on Parkside St]

Price: $15 drop in [class card available - buy 3 get one free]

Our spine is the most central structure in the body; from here we move, think, feel and PLAY! These MVMNT PHLOSPHY sessions are designed for movers of all ages and experience levels to come together and reconnect with our instinctual abilities to respond and adapt with ease and levity. Through interactive partnering exercises, games, and personal exploration we will develop our physicality and strengthen our confidence inside our moving bodies. By the end of each class we will discover a deeper connection to ourselves, each other and the world around us.

*Wear comfortable clothes!
**For your safety and that of others - please avoid dangling jewelry, large rings, long nails and chewing gum 


BAIRA | 2019