Shaina Branfman Baira
 Co-Artistic Director

Branfman was born and raised in Victoria, Texas and received her BFA in Dance at the University of Iowa. She completed her certification as a Movement Analyst at the Laban Institute of Movement Studies, and completed studies in religion and philosophy at the New York All Faiths Seminary International. She has performed and taught in Haiti, Israel, Italy the UK, Belgium,  and through the USA. She is an ordained Interfaith Minister and member of The Feath3r Theory. Currently Shaina is teaching dance at Wayne State University, is a Detroit based Wedding Officiant and actively serves as a mentor for young dancers. 

Originally from Carleton, MI. Bryan graduated from Wayne State University in 2011 with a B.F.A in dance. He has danced with Nicholas Leichter Dance, Brian Brooks Moving Company, David Dorfman Dance and ThirdRailProjects. He has performed and taught in places such as: Colombia, South Korea, Turkey, Tajikistan, and Armenia; as well as throughout the USA. Bryan is an active sound designer/musician, a member of The Feath3r Theory and is honored to have been selected as one of Dance Magazine's 'Top 25 to Watch' for 2013.

Bryan Strimpel Baira
Co-Artistic Director

John Gutierrez
 Founding Member/Educator/Collaborator

Gutierrez is a multidisciplinary artist, creator, and performer originally from Washington Heights in New York City. Since finishing his BFA (in theater/drama) at NYU Tisch’s Experimental Theater Wing, John has worked with directors and choreographers such as Big Dance Theater, Full Circle Souljahs, The Ridiculous Theater Company, MOTUS of Italy, Ivica Buljan of Croatia, Jesse Phillips-Fein, Culture Hub NYC. Recently John finished training in the Meisner technique/method at The Terry Knickerbocker Studio. John is a proud member of the feath3r theory, BAIRA  and the Great Jones Rep Company of La Mama. He is excited to be currently working with Miguel Gutierrez and touring internationally with the GJR and MOTUS.

Beth Graczyk

Graczyk is a Brooklyn-based choreographer, performer, scientist and teacher. She brings over a decade of teaching nationally and internationally. Recently Graczyk began teaching movement practices to artists with developmental and mental disabilities through Interact Theater in Minneapolis, and is commissioned to make a new dance work with their LGBTQIA artists in 2019. Graczyk has performed throughout the United States and internationally in Japan, Ecuador, France and India for the past 17 years. Concurrently, she has contributed to 10 science publications in the field of cancer research. Graczyk works part-time as a Research Specialist at Rockefeller University and is a Educator and Collaborator at BAIRA.

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